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The Eco Oven Clean

Eco-oven Clean is a Professional Oven Cleaning service operating in the Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, Brigg and Scunthorpe areas.

We are a family run business with a focus on using environmentally friendly products that are completely safe and pet friendly. We do not use caustic chemicals, there are no fumes and there is no mess for the home owner.

As a business we avoid 'Single use' items and plastic in order to reduce the waste and impact on the environment, for example we use paper towels rather than synthetic cloths when cleaning and this paper goes to recycling at the end of the day.

Our service is courteous and polite with a great deal of care being taken to leave the customers oven in an outstanding state of cleanliness and to ensure that the property is left as we find it.

Our service is fully insured and we guarantee satisfaction with the final finish of your oven.

Why Should An Oven Be Cleaned?

There are many reasons to clean an oven besides the visual appeal and general cleanliness such as:

  1. The kitchen gets smoky when oven cooking
  2. Food prepared in the oven tastes smoky
  3. Pieces of flaked carbon drop into food from the oven roof
  4. The oven takes a long time to reach temperature
  5. Filters and Fans clog up with carbon and grease
  6. Ultimately the oven stops working

The Good House Keeping website explains:

Your oven can become less efficient at reaching temperatures and eventually may just stop working altogether if burnt food is left untreated. Crusty build up can also impact the taste of your food and, while high temperatures can kill some bacteria, it's not a good place to be cooking food.
Oven Clean Scunthorpe After
Oven Clean Scunthorpe After

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How Often Should An Oven Be Cleaned?

The advice on this varies:

  1. Good House Keeping > Every Month
  2. Mumsnet > 2 to 3 times a year

At Eco Oven Clean we say that an oven should be cleaned:

  1. Light Use> Once a Year Minimum
  2. Medium Use > 2 to 3 times a year
  3. Heavy Use > As required

Of course this does not take into account the types of food being cooked in the oven or the way in which this food is cooked e.g. when roasting in a bag as opposed to an open roasting tray.

If you have pets you may want to consider cleaning your oven a number of times a year as the air flow caused by the fan and heat from the oven can drag hair into the oven where it can stick to the grease, this is especially the case around the door area.

Eco Oven Clean Oven3
The kitchen is protected during the clean
Eco Oven Clean Oven3
A No Mess Cleaning Option

Does my oven need cleaning?

It can be difficult to know if your oven needs cleaning as on the face of it the oven may look in good condition.

To make it easier we have come up with three simple questions to help you decide:

Click Here for our Simple 'Does My Oven Need Cleaning' Questions

Oven Clean Tests

Why Use Eco Oven Clean?

  1. We use Biodegradable, Non Harmful, Non Caustic, Non Toxic chemicals to carry out the oven clean!
  2. So thats NO Sodium Hydroxide or as its more commonly known 'Caustic Soda'!
  3. Our 'Service Standard Promise' ensures that all our customers get the same standard of service - Click here to view
  4. Our Electric Dip tank is stainless steel allowing us to heat the racks and other oven fixtures and fittings to a higher temperature that allows us to use these Eco chemicals
  5. Our chemicals use enzymes to break down carbon in your oven, these chemical do not damage your ovens element and so we can clean in all areas of the oven
  6. Eco Oven Clean has full Public Liability Insurance which means your property is in safe hands at all times
  7. If you live in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, Scunthorpe or Brigg then we are your local oven cleaning service with flexible appointments to suit your needs.

Eco Oven Clean Service Promise
The Eco Oven Clean Service Promise

What does that mean for Your Oven?

Well a fantastic 'Mess Free' clean of your oven to a very high standard with the knowledge that there has been:

  1. No danger of chemical burns to kitchen worktops or appliances - even chemicals in store bought scouring pads can burn into wood surfaces
  2. No odours or fumes that may cause problems with pets or people with breathing difficulties
  3. The knowledge that as a company we do not produce any non degradable or harmful chemical waste after the clean

Even the packaging our chemicals come in are made from recycled plastic!

Eco Oven Clean Van Kit
Electric Dip Tank Means No Flames or Gas Cylinders


Single Oven 60CM

Single Oven 60CM


Double Oven 60CM

Oven and Separate Grill 60CM


Double Oven 60CM

Double Oven/2 Ovens in Range


Range Oven 90cm

Range Oven (Gas Hob)


Range Oven 110cm

Range Oven (Electric Hob)


Electric Hob 60CM

Electric Hob 4 Ring


Gas Hob 60CM

Gas Hob 4 Ring


Oven Hob Grill


£5 Off Combined Price

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