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What Can Eco Oven Clean do for your Letting Business?

Offering Professional, Courteous and Fully Insured Oven Cleaning Services to Landlords and Agencies in the Hull, Scunthorpe and Brigg areas.

Ensuring that your property is rental ready can be expensive and time consuming.

Eco Oven Clean can help maximise your profits, save you time and secure a rental by:

  1. Offering affordable Oven Cleaning starting at just £50

  2. Return a 'Burnt on carbon' and unsightly oven to a fitting standard for your tenants

  3. Set a standard of cleanliness for tenants to keep to from the beginning of the contract

  4. Provide a Report with images to show you the condition of the oven and any parts that may require replacing such as Door Seals, Extractor Filters or Light Bulbs

  5. Access the property by liasing with Landlords to collect keys or with Estate Agents thus saving you time

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It may be worth suggesting our service to tenants who are about to leave your property in order to allow them to get the oven cleaned in order to secure their bond.

Oven Clean Scunthorpe After
Oven Clean Scunthorpe After

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Why not clean the oven yourself?

Ideally and to maximise profits you would want to clean the oven yourself.

The next ideal would be for the tenant to ensure the oven is passed back in a good condition.

This is not always possible and the fact is that we can return the oven to a much higher standard of cleanliness than you or your tenants can.

We can't return the oven to new but we can get very close with an impressive visual appearance and working standard.

The results can help fill the property or can return a well used oven to an immaculate standard.

With most tenancy's lasting for 12 months or more the cost is minimal at approx 96p per week and can be built into the tenancy

Range Cooker Posts Clean
96p per week for a yearly Oven Clean

Ask the Tenant to clean the oven?

There is a danger that if the tenant cleans the oven they may do more harm than good.

If a shop bought chemical is used it will contain caustic soda that can eat into elements and racks.

This can harm the oven and shorten its working life.

Calling in Eco Oven Clean ensures that the whole oven is stripped and cleaned with non caustic chemicals ensuring that there is no risk to your oven element and the chrome racks will remain pristine

Also we will change any bulbs, extractor filters and advise on oven door seals.

Hull Oven Post Clean
96p per week for a yearly Oven Clean


Secure Your Bond!

So you always meant to clean the oven at the end of your Tenancy but time and events have taken over?

Don't worry, we can return your rental oven to a respectable and clean condition ready for the agent or landlord inspection on which the return of your bond may depend

Our Oven Cleaning Service will:

  1. Clean all the racks and trays that came with the oven in our purpose built dip tank that is guaranteed to remove carbon and grease

  2. Remove and clean the Fan where possible

  3. Clean all surfaces inside the oven removing burnt on carbon and grease

  4. Clean the oven light lens

  5. Clean and polish the glass in the oven door where applicable

  6. Report any defects following a visual inspection such as broken seals or light bulbs not working

  7. Provide a 'Certificate of Oven Cleaning' to show your landlord or letting agent that the oven has been professionally cleaned
Hull Oven Post Clean
We can achieve a really high standard for an affordable price.

Call Now On Tel:07833 461059

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