Oven Repair

Oven Elements

Oven Elements can fail, especially if caustic chemicals have been used to clean the oven at any time.

This does not mean the oven has to be replaced a great cost.

Oven elements are parts that can be sourced at resonable prices ranging from £20 upwards.

If you think one of your elements has stopped working then call us in and we can test the element.

Once confirmed that the element is not working we can usually get the part and fit it within a short time frame

Oven Repair
A Blown Element
Oven Repair
New Element Fitted

Glass Door Panel Repair

All ovens and hobs require maintenance and repair at some point in their life.

One of the 'Wear and Tear' repairs that may be needed is the re-sealing of the inner oven door glass panel.

Here the sealant that secures the inner oven door glass to the frame has failed after a number of years of heating and cooling.

Using sealant rated to 300 Degree Centigrade we can re-set the glass into the cleaned door.

After 24 hours we will return the door for replacement on the oven.

Oven Repair
Oven Inner Glass Failed
Oven Repair
Oven Inner Glass Fixed

Doors, Door Handles and Door Glass Panels

Most ovens can be supplied with spare parts such as handles, glass panels, elements etc.

Oven Door Handles can become lose or may crack and break due to plastic becoming brittle.

For relatively little expense an Oven Handle can be replaced very easily.

This not only fixes the main problem but gives the oven a new shine.

Oven Door Repair
Fitting a New Handle
Oven Repair
New Oven Handle Fitted

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