Eco-oven clean offers affordable oven cleaning for the Hull, Scunthorpe, Barton Upon Humber and Brigg areas.

The average oven clean takes approximatley 2.5 to 3 hours and prices start from as little as £50.

We recommend that the oven is cleaned at least once a year and so this works out at 96p a week.

Many shop bought oven cleaning kits can cost from a few pounds to £50 if they include dip trays, and dont forget that many of these kits will have caustic chemicals as part of the cleaning process

So our prices are comparable!

However we guarantee that our standard of clean will be far higher and will mean that you do not have to worry about cleaning the oven for the rest of the year.

By removing parts such as the back plate and fan and cleaning them we achieve that:

'It looks like new'

.....comment that all of our customers say when they see the oven for the first time post clean.

Single Oven 60CM

Single Oven 60CM


Double Oven 60CM

Oven and Separate Grill 60CM


Double Oven 60CM

Double Oven/2 Ovens in Range


Electric Hob 60CM

Electric Hob 4 Ring


Gas Hob 60CM

Gas Hob 4 Ring


Oven Hob Grill


£5 Off Combined Price

Range Oven 90cm

Range Oven (Gas Hob)


Range Oven 110cm

Range Oven (Electric Hob)


Extractor Hood

Extractor Hood


Oven Light

Oven Light Bulbs

From £5

Oven Seal

Oven Seal


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Full Tariff Sheet

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