The Eco Oven Clean

Customer Comments

"The oven hasn't looked this clean since it was new"
"The oven runs much quieter"
"It heats up quicker"

Whats different about the Eco Oven Clean

  1. No Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic Soda - this is an aggressive, toxic chemical used in most shop bought cleaning kits
  2. All chemicals are Biodegradable
  3. Many chemicals are found in household cleaning products such as Sodium Laureth Ether found in washing detergent
  4. Limited use of single use products - most products are multi-use and recyclable e.g. paper towels used to clean rather than synthetic cloth's and these are recycled
  5. The cleaning process is pet and family friendly, no fumes so no need to open the doors and windows after we are done.
Oven Clean Scunthorpe After
Oven Clean Scunthorpe After

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What you can expect?

  1. Complete peace of mind that you are using a fully insured business
  2. A confirmation email or text the day before the booking
  3. An estimate of the time the clean will take and a convenient booking time slot with arrival within a half hour time frame
  4. Full protection of work area
  5. A complete strip and clean of the oven including removal of Fan, Door, Door Glass, Shelving and Panels
  6. Full check of oven light, seal and operation of oven post clean
  7. For more information on what you can expect read the full Service Promise
Clean Oven Brigg
Fully Insured for Peace of Mind

Why pay to have your oven cleaned?

You may be used to cleaning your oven yourself or you may not have considered deep cleaning the oven.

Either way the fact is that oven cleaning, like everything else, has come a long way in the last few years.

Due to our safe and non toxic chemicals added to the technique that we use to remove burnt on carbon the whole process is safer for the whole family and pets.

If you call us in at least once a year to give your oven a deep clean it will require less attention throughout the year and this is because we take the oven back to a high standard of cleanliness with the removal of all traces of carbon and grease, the removal and cleaning of the fan and the splitting of the oven door to gain access to the glass to allow it to be polished inside and out.

With an oven clean starting at just £50 and the cost of shop cleaning kits ranging from £10 to £50 it really is affordable and much easier to call us in to do this unwanted and messy job.

As with most jobs if you have the right equipment and training it makes life a whole lot easier

Clean Oven Brigg
Prices start from £50 for a 60cm Oven

Will you get value for money?

Put simply 'Yes', customers rave at the results of our oven cleaning service.

Customers in Hull, Scunthorpe and Brigg see the oven 'Post clean' and their first words are 'It looks like new!'

A 60cm oven takes approximately 2.5 hours to clean and at the rate of £50 is excellent value.

If we finish cleaning the oven in good time then we will move onto other parts of the oven to ensure you get full value from your oven cleaning booking.

We work constantly during this time in order to get the high standard of clean that we expect.

We have the latest dip tank technology for the racks and pans and the chemicals and tools to do an excellent job.

With the cost of shop bought oven cleaning chemicals, equipment and the cost of your time, we believe our service quite simply pays for itself.

Most ovens need deep cleaning once a year so that works out to be less than £1 a week to return your oven to an amazing standard of cleanliness.

Clean Oven Brigg
Using the latest dip tanks and techniques

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